We are passionate about creating exceptional products that blend the essence of Scandinavian design with the majestic beauty of fjords and rugged mountains. Our philosophy revolves around incorporating sustainable practices and using natural materials to craft unique and timeless pieces.

With a deep appreciation for the stunning landscapes that surround us, our designs reflect the serenity and tranquility of the Scandinavian region. Each product is carefully crafted, ensuring attention to detail and superior quality. We believe in harnessing the beauty of natural materials such as wood, stone, and organic fibers to create functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces that seamlessly integrate into any space.


Stavaas Design is inspired by the Scandinavian Design with origin from the rugged landscape of the deep fjords and tranquillity of the forest.

Like the Norwegian fisherman, the design is minimalistic, yet practical with the rugged non-nonsense approach to life!


Our design philosophy is purely based on that you should make something that your grandchildren would appreciate, and remember you by, and therefore being designed in such a way that the item will not only survive, but thrive that long.


We believe in small batch production runs and bespoke custom design items.

Less mass production, more soul!


The production philosophy is purely based on that the fact that the products should be made by environmentally safe, and sustainable, materials with long lasting properties.

We believe that our products, like humans, should grow in value and character over time – showing signs of a life lived and stories worth telling.

Stavaas Design are therefore a huge believer in not only right to repair, but the joy of repair. Any item should be produced in a way that repair is not only possible, but something one is inspired to should the item accidentally get damaged.